Sunday, March 13, 2011

Remote Control Kites with LED

In a hot Singapore night, you can suddenly see a colorful UFO flying in the sky. And then another, then one more! Do not panic, they are not UFO. they are remote control models flying around Riverside point (Clarke Quey). Walk closer and you will see that these RC models are actually remote controlled led night kites. They are designed and made in Singapore, from canvas, carbon fibre and covered by colorful LED lights.

These unique RC kites are produced and marketed by Go Fly Pte Ltd, a Singaporean company. These kites are very light, easy to carry and you can fly them in the day and night. I have watched them climb incredible heights and they look very crash resistant. They are actually quite manoeuvrable, they are able to hover, loop, roll, inverted flying, axel roll and fly in confined areas.

Where do they fly these RC kites? You can see night time kite flyers in various parks of Singapore such as Jurong Central Park, West Coast Park as well as open spaces like Marina Barage and Senkang Field. They usually gather and fly their kites in the weekend.

Below is a video showing a demonstration fly by Go Fly Kite employees and some advanced fliers.

Go Fly Kite is founded by Michael Lim, 53. He is one of those lucky ones who turns his hobby to a business After flying remote control planes and helicopters in his free times, he he decided to switch his business combining his hobby with his profession. He has merged the remote control plane and kite to create the kites he sell today. He designs these kites personally and produces them in Singapore.

When you watch them flying, it may look like it is easy to manoeuvre them but it is not. Learning to fly them takes a lot of effort.

Since the Riverside point location is closed due to MRT construction, they can see these led night kite flying around Marina Bay Sands.

Go FlyKite Scorpion Source:
LED-fitted kites range from 79.9 SGD for a 2.7 sq m kite to 579.9 SGD for a 10 sq m kite, which can hold 702 bulbs and weight 4.5 kilograms. There is a cheaper alternative though. For those interested in buying one, their store is at Riverside point and they have several distributors island wide and abroad in UK, Taiwan, Indonesia and Canada.

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