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Justin Lee scandal photos and sex videos

Chinese speaking half of the world is rocked yet by another leaked photo scandal. The son of a millionaire, Justin Lee, (李宗瑞 Li Zhongrui) allegedly filmed himself raping or having sex with dozens of models and actresses. Investigators uncovered films of many woman having sex with him. And as if this is not ugly enough, some of the women looked unconscious.

The most famous face in the Justin Lee scandal photos was Maggie Wu Ya Xin. Police have confirmed that 28 years old Taiwanese actress and model who had a relationship with Justin Lee is one of the women featured in the recently leaked Justin Lee scandal photos photos. "An identification that led the 29-year-old actress (Maggie Wu Ya Xin) to experience a major emotional breakdown, according to Jayne Stars".[1] It is not known yet that Maggie Wu was raped or was a willing participant. Although she has appealed to public not to spread the Maggie Wu sex photos,  a quick search in Google images for Justin Lee scandal photos shows some of the photos leaked from the scandal photos. And her name Maggie Wu, Maggie Wu scandalJustin Lee scandal photos, Justin Lee sex photos kind of searches are trending up. An unidentified netizen uploaded 9 more photos of Justin Lee’s pornographic photo collection and a 1-minute and 13-second video clip on PTT Bulletin Board System, Taiwan’s largest community forum.[2]  These photos are later removed. Yesterday, a lot of more photos of Justin Lee with his victims surfaced online, these were proven to be photoshopped. But later, sexually explicit photos and videos were uploaded on the Internet which were free to download and many looked for words like Justin Lee Maggie Wu sex photos, videos or film download kind of searches to reach these photos and videos to download.

Justin Lee has been sentenced to almost 80 years in jail for raping and secretly filming more than a dozen women. According to the witnesses, Justin Lee was shocked and shaken when he heard the verdict. He vowed to appeal his conviction.


Justin Lee has finally appeared in the court and although he has admitted wrong doing, he has pleaded "not guilty" for the alleged drug and rape crimes.

Justin Lee has been sentenced to 14 years in prison. Guilty verdict is given on October 19th after he has admitted to purchasing date rape drugs online, which he purportedly also used on his own stepmother, who is also one of his drug-facilitated rape victims.


With the investigation regarding Justin Lee sex scandal still going around, it was revealed that the Taiwanese Police have been making several arrests.

As reported on Asianbite website, the Police apprehended 12 people, including several university students in Tainan, for allegedly circulating and distributing videos and photos of that were recorded by Taiwanese socialite Justin Lee - earlier arrested for date-rape cases involving over 50 women, including several Taiwanese celebrities and models.
Source : 12 arrested in Justin Lee rape case

UPDATE 2: New photographs and videos showing Justin Lee having sex with several women have been leaked online. Some cencored ones can be seen here but a quick google search reveals the leaked sex photos and videos in many sites even accessible for download.

UPDATE: More allegedly Justin Lee (李宗瑞) sex videos have been circulating since August 27th, with investigators saying it was difficult to prevent the videos from spreading:

"At least 10 new sex films apparently related to the Lee case have entered circulation on Monday.
In those films, someone resembling Lee is seen engaging in sexual acts with several young women.
The films were shot in the same room, which is believed to be a room in Lee’s residence.

Lee, who has been accused of drugging and raping a number of women, among them celebrities, and filming the acts, turned himself in to prosecutors on Thursday after three weeks on the run."
Source : More alleged Justin Lee sex videos surface

The events leading to the scandal has been fired when Next Magazine alleged that Mr Justin Lee, the son of Lee Yueh Tsang, has raped many celebrities and filmed the act. Stars such as Maggie Wu, Terri Kwan, Bianca Bai and Ruru Lin were quick to protest but police has later revealed that they have been investigating Justin Lee since July 2011 for suspected date rape and filming of his sexual acts. According to Taipei Times, "prosecutors began pursuing the case in July last year, when a pair of twin sisters accused Lee of drugging and raping the elder sister and filming the process". The findings now points to more than 40 women filmed and the case has attracted widespread attention since some of these women are show business performers, models and A-list actresses.

Justin Lee scandal photos and sex videos
Justin Lee scandal photos leaked. The Justin Lee sex photo scandal involves 60 celebrities who
were allegedly filmed doing sexual acts by Taiwanese millionaire's son.
Justin Lee went missing after the news were broken and after 23 days of disappearance he has turned himself on August 23rd. He has been detained on the spot and charged with drugging and raping several celebrities and other women, as well as filming the acts. The socialite, often photographed with women in night clubs claimed that he all the actions filmed were consensual and that he did not secretly film the acts or circulate photographs or videos.[3]

Back in 2008, Chinese speaking world was rocked by Edison Chen photo scandal when his sex photos with many celebrities were recovered by a technician from a laptop he has sent for repair. Although that included no rape, many celebrities including Edison Chen himself had to remove themselves from entertainment world temporarily or permanently.

One important aspect all these two scandals is that some of these women are stupid enough to let their boyfriend film the intimate act on them. Although it is against the privacy of these people to leak and distribute these photos, still it is absolutely stupid for a woman to let someone they date to film these acts. Even if the man himself does not leak the photos, another idiot can criminally leak them out as it happened with Edison Chen's case.

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[1] - Maggie Wu one of Justin Lee's victims
[2] - Justin Lee Sex Scandal: More Photos Leaked
[3] - Justin Lee denies rape charges: Prosecutors
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