Friday, August 17, 2012

Karisa Sukamto will represent Singapore in Miss World 2012

19 years old Karisa Sukamto will represent Singapore in Miss World 2012, Inner Mongolia, Ordos today. Born in Hawaii, she has moved to Singapore as a baby and she has grown up in Singapore since then.

Local media has mostly focused on her height (1.60 meters). Back in July 2012 at Miss Singapore World 2012 in Orchids Country Club, she was crowned as Miss Singapore World 2012 and surprised many. The decision came after a significant delay and since judges were 50-50 split among 1.71m-tall Michelle Koh and Karisa Sukamto:

"The problem was that it was a 50-50 split and while half thought that Michelle had the looks and poise, they felt that she had to work on the way she tackled questions. "Those who supported Karisa said she had the charm and personality, but was just lacking in height.

"So it was a debate on whether language and answering skills could be honed and that height is something one can't change. But in the spirit of Miss Singapore World, where we don't have a height restriction, I told the judges just to look at the marks they scored for each girl, and the girl with the higher marks won."[1]

Although the media in Singapore wrote that at the end charm and personality won. If you read them without seeing a photo of Karisa Sukamto you may think she is not cute enough. In reality, she does not only have the charm and personality but she is damn gorgeous and very cool when talking.

Miss World 2012 Profile -  Karisa Sukamto - Singapore

[1] - Miss S'pore World is only 1.6m tall

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