Friday, August 10, 2012

new iPhone 5's look disappoints many

Apple's new iPhone, iPhone 5, is expected to be released in September 12th 2012[1] but before it is officially released, its supposedly real photos traditionally leaked from an Apple parts supplier and repair company. And the "new" iPhone looks exactly the same way the iPhone 4S looks, which is almost identical to iPhone 4!

As expected many are unimpressed with the photos supposedly belonging to next iPhone:

But it's not a major change, and some reviewers are saying the iPhone is starting to look dated.
Forbes Magazine says Apple appears to be "phoning it in" if these photos are to be believed.
Fox News says it looks "small and chubby" compared to newer phones.
- And CNET says "gadgeteers will be disappointed" if this is the final phone.  
The problem, many say, is Samsung's new Galaxy 3, which is sleeker and thinner, with a much bigger screen.  The Galaxy raises the bar the way the iPhone used to, three or four years ago. 
Source : New iPhone photos leave many unimpressed

And this time users have one more important excuse to directly upgrade from their current iPhones to Samsung Galaxy SIII: New iPhone is expected to come with a smaller connector plug which will basically make current chargers and zillions of types of docks useless (if they do not allow some space for a converter.)
iPhone versus Samsung Galaxy S 3. Henry Blodget says
Galaxy SIII looks like a next generation phone while iPhone looks old now.
Source : Business Insider
Some like Henry Blodget even went further to say that it will be a disaster for Apple if this photos really belong to the new iPhone. henry Blodget wrote in Business Insider that if the iPhone 5 really looks like this, Apple may be screwed:
"And I can't be the only potential customer who is deflated by what they see. In fact, I'll go far enough to say that, if the iPhone 5 looks like the pictures that have recently appeared, Apple may be screwed. 
Because the "iPhone 5" looks pretty much like the iPhone 4S. Which looked exactly like the iPhone 4, a phone that is now two years old. In the meantime, Samsung and other manufacturers have come out with phones that make people's jaws drop, such as the Galaxy S3, which has a (relatively) humongous screen. Although the Apple faithful may start hyperventilating about things like the movement or elimination of a button, most phone buyers couldn't care less. Now that most phones do the same things and work pretty much the same way, the most obvious (and, arguably, important) difference between them is the screen."
Source : If The iPhone 5 Really Looks Like This, Apple May Be Screwed...

Henry Blodget argues that Apple's decision to move the release of last year's iPhone from the summer to the fall, and then to release a phone that was only a "refresh" of the prior generation, had allowed Samsung, et al, to catch up.[2]

[1] - Apple Will Announce The iPhone 5 And iPad Mini On September 12
[2] - Here's How Apple Blew It On The iPhone

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