Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lee Kuan Yew has just seen in NDP 2012

Lee Kuan Yew (88), founding father and former Prime Minister of Singapore, has just came to National Day Parade 2012 (NDP 2012). This will end the baseless rumors about his health in the past few days circulating around the Singapore social media.

There were rumors in the internet in the past few days which claim that he has passed away and they are not announcing the news until NDP 2012 ends. These kind of rumors about the health of elderly politicians are quite common around the globe and as far as I remember this is not the first time these false claims came out about Lee Kuan Lew.

Already yesterday, Tessa Wong tweeted that the rumors are not true and later Lee Kuan Yew was spotted leaving Singapore General Hospital (SGH).

According to Yahoo News, one of the first tweets referring to Lee Kuan Yew's health came on Aug 7th from the tweeter account of a Singapore blogger izreloaded. He claimed "high-level" sources had told him Lee's health was "critical" and that "several government agencies had been put on standby". [1] Yahoo! Singapore contacted him later and according to the news article he has repeated his claim that his "credible" sources told him Lee was "alive but critical".

[1] - Singapore heaves huge sigh of relief at Lee Kuan Yew's NDP appearance

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