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Kota Kinabalu hotel deals by

Rising 4,093 meters above sea level Mt. Kinabalu is one of the highest mountains in South East Asia. Despite this it is relatively easy to climb: if you are relatively fit you can hike to the peak without special gear. And it offers a fantastic view plus six separate vegetation zones to the climbers from steamy Lower Mountain Forest at the bottom to frigid Subalpine at the peak. But although it is relatively easy to climb, the mountain can be quite foggy and the climb can be dangerous when it rains - high winds bring freezing temperatures. For the best hiking there are strict climbing scheduling.

Climb to the peak of Mt. Kinabalu usually takes 2 days and begins with paying the climbing fee, park entrance fee, insurance (122 RM or about 40 USD) and hiring a guide which is mandatory. You have to and indeed must hire a guide because although the climb is considered accessible, it is not easy. And people have died while climbing Mt. Kinabalu usually because they ignored guide's advise or wandered off on their own. Attitude sickness, over-fatigue can easily turn to deadly hypothermia if it rains.

The climb starts at Timpohon Gate. You will take a short bus ride from the park entrance to the gate. From there you will hike to the Laban camp where most climbers spend the night to acclimatze to the altitude and rest up for the second half of the hike next morning. The next morning's slow but steady climb will probably start around "2.30 am" and with this start you should be able to reach the peak by about 6 am. At the peak, if you are blessed with a clear day view the view is just spectacular – looking across a bank of fluffy clouds at the rising sun is something that has to be seen to be believed.

Mt. Kinabalu is relatively easy to climb and offers a breathtaking view from its peak.
Descending from the peak of Mt. Kinabalu and most reach the bottom in the afternoon of the second day. Other than the mountain, the town of Kota Kinabalu itself is well worth visiting. As the capital of Malaysia’s Sabah state, it’s a major regional hub for tourism, transport, politics and commerce, with plenty of attractions and sights for any type of visitor, including several nice beaches, parks and museums. The city also boasts a rich multicultural heritage with a variety of religions and ethnicities, including Chinese, Indian, Malay and Filipino. And of course the food – no surprise – is superb.

If you are planning a trip to the top of Malaysia, take a look at these Kota Kinabalu hotel deals by, Asia’s leading hotel booking site. Agoda is providing great new deals on hotels in the Malaysian city of Kota Kinabalu to take advantage of high season climbing opportunities on the beautiful and surprisingly accessible Mt. Kinabalu, only 50km from the main city.

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