Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Marine Life Park at Resorts World Sentosa Ultimate Marine Encounters

Would you like to skuba-dive in Singapore without going not further than Sentosa Island?  Then you can head to Marine Life Park at Resorts World Sentosa. Visitors to the Marine Life Park can now participate Open Ocean Dive, which allows certified divers to explore 18.2 million litre Open Ocean habitat, the Open Ocean habitat, the centrepiece and highlight of the world’s largest aquarium – S.E.A. Aquarium. This new scuba-diving programme is the first activity to debut as a part of a series of Ultimate Marine Encounters.

Open Ocean Dive is 150-minutes long and will run every day at 10:30 am. Each skuba-diving session will be for up to 4 divers and start with a 30 minute dive master guided orientation. After the first 30 minutes, divers will be able to explore the aquarium’s largest habitat swim among 50,000 fishes of more than 80 different species, including manta rays, groupers, leopard sharks and many more, in one dive location. In a sense an aquarium diving cannot beat an open sea one but where alse you can see these diversified number of species in a single dive!

Staring from 30 June 2013, Marine Life Park will also introduce Sea Trek Adventure come 30 where guests without diving certification immerse themselves into the world’s largest aquarium. The highlight
of this hour-long programme is a 20-minute underwater helmet diving experience, allowing guests to breathe with ease as they descend atop a sea mount in the Open Ocean habitat, to stand in awe of a breathtaking panoramic view of the vibrant marine life and experience the wonders of an oceanic adventure.

“Getting near these majestic marine animals has never been easier, with a hassle-free experience from drive to dive. With all gear provided, it’s only a matter of suiting up and taking the plunge,” said Mr. Craig Sowden, Chief Curator of the Marine Life Park.

Mr. Sowden added, “As guests immerse themselves in the middle of the marine ecosystems, they will encounter first-hand the relationship between marine life and humans. Through these unique experiences, we hope that our guests walk away with a deeper appreciation for marine animals and be inspired to do their part to help protect the treasures of the deep blue.”

Beyond the Open Ocean habitat, immersive experiences will also be launched at other marine habitats, including Shark Seas. Starting 15 June 2013, the new Shark Encounter will see guests come face-to-face with the apex predators of the seas. This 30-minute experience will be held thrice daily, inside the Shark Seas habitat which is home to more than 200 sharks. Guests will be descend inside a cylindrical acrylic enclosure, taking in a 360-degree view of hammerhead, sandbar, black-tip reef sharks and other shark species swimming around and beneath their feet.

Skuba diving in Singapore at Marine Life Park
SCUBA diving is now a step closer to home with the Open Ocean Dive, allowing divers to get up-close to over 50,000 marine animals representing more than 80 different species.
Mr. Roger Lienhard, Senior Vice President of Attractions at Resorts World Sentosa is delighted that
the Marine Life Park has fast garnered international awareness and recognition within a short time since its opening.

He said, “Launching these immersive experiences signifies our commitment to continually refresh and inject new elements into our attractions. This is just the start of many more exciting offerings to come at Resorts World Sentosa.”

Open Ocean Dive staring on May 22 will cost S$1,280 per person (inclusive of admission to Adventure Cove Waterpark and S.E.A. Aquarium) and will last 150 minutes (30-minutes under water).

Shark Encounter starting on 15 June will cost S$88 per person (excluding admission to Adventure Cove Waterpark) and will last 30 minutes (15 minutes under water).

Sea Trek Adventure starting 30 June will cost S$238 (excluding admission to Adventure Cove Waterpark) and will last 60 minutes (20 minutes under water).

[1] - Marine Life Park Launches Up-Close Marine Life Encounters

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