Sunday, May 12, 2013

The death of American Scientist Shane Todd in Singapore

Did American Scientist Shane Todd commit suicide or was he murdered? Coroner's inquiry into the death of   Shane Todd, who died in in June 2012, has started today in Singapore. Shane Todd's death was registered as a suicide by hanging by local authorities but his parents believe he was killed over his work, a China's Huawei linked project related to sensitive technology at the Singapore Institute of Microelectronics (IME).  Both Huawei and IME reject the claims but Todds claim to have an important evidence, a hard drive, which contains their son's work files including one on a project between IME and Huawei.

Shane Todd's death has attracted international scrutiny after an article named Death in Singapore was published in Financial Times on February 2013 by Raymond Bonner and Christine Spolar. According to Todd family, various pieces of evidences drew their suspicion such as the suicide notes ostensibly left by Todd were out of character, and finding of a pathologist in the United States that his body showed evidence of a struggle.

A coroner's inquiry is a fact finding process where the state coroner will review the evidence and independently determine the cause of and circumstances connected with Dr. Todd's death. Authorities in Singapore have been working with the FBI on the case after US officials called for Mr Todd's parents' concerns to be investigated. The inquiry will focus on determining the cause of death and is expected to last until the end of May. There are no provisions of appeal against the coroner's decisions.

Photo of Shane Todd in Singapore
Shane Todd seen here in front of Singapore Flyer. He died in Singapore on June 24 2012. His death
was registered as suicide but his parent's believe that he was murdered.
Shane Todd, 31, an electronic engineer, was found hanged at his home in Singapore on 24 June 2012.Upon completion of his PhD in 2010, he took a job offer to work for IME, Institute for Micro Electronics, a Singapore government research institute part of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research, or A*Star.

According to Singapore media, in the opening statement read by the Senior State Counsel Tai Wei Shyong on the first day of a coroner's inquiry into Dr Todd's death, it was revealed that the internet history of Shane Todd's laptop showed suicide-related websites had been accessed on 19 different occasions between 10 March and 23 June 2012 (he died on June 24 2012). It was also It was also revealed that Shane Todd had left a note on his laptop to his family and girlfriend, telling them that he loved them and was sorry for the pain he caused them.

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