Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Chinese New Year Deals for 2014 (Year of the horse)

This years Chinese New Year is traditionally greeted with many special events, deals and promotions. One of Singapore's largest deal sites, DEAL.com.sg, offers several Chinese New Year Deals this year and we have looked at some of the popular ones in this post. For the most updated list of the CNY Deals refer to this page: CNY 2014 Deals.

Only $198 for a Traditional Pen Cai (盆菜) - Pen Cai (盆菜), Big Bowl Feast, etiquette prescribes eating your way down – that is, starting from the top, and finishing it before starting on the next lower layer. In fact, the bottom layers are generally considered the most tasty and “prized”, as they consist of the best delicacies. The old saying of “the family that eats together, stays together” can be relevantly practiced with the Pen Cai as your family digs in! and reach the end together. 26 OFF and enough for 6 people from The Cathay Restaurant.

Only $88 for Chinese New Year Special Prosperity Hamper from Happy Hampy - Chinese New Year is the single most important occasion in the Chinese calendar. Families gather to reflect on a fruitful year passed and welcome a blessed and successful year ahead. It is also the time to spread the love and show appreciation through gifting. Celebrate by giving back! These hampers serve as a great token of appreciation for the office or for the special people in your life that deserves an abundance of gifts to welcome the New Year. 51% OFF with home delivery available.

Only $85.50++ for Little Swallow Nest’s 50g Triangle Bird's Nest with Free Courier Delivery - With the Chinese New Year around the corner, there is no better gift to be given to your elders, siblings, close relatives or even friends than the premium dried Bird's Nest. It is an exquisite and classy goody that will always be welcomed by the whole family. It can be enjoyed with the whole family during the reunion dinner as well. 55% OFF with free delivery.

Only $42.80 for 4 boxes Mix and Match CNY Prosperity Goodies - With 10 flavours of prosperity goodies to choose from, choosing the perfect gift for the most important people in your life during the most important time of the year, will be easy. With the added convenience of free delivery, right to your doorstep, the only dilemma you will have is what flavours to choose from. 41% OFF with Free Delivery

Traditional Pen Cai (盆菜) for Chinese New Year 2014
Only $198 for Traditional Pen Cai (盆菜) for Chinese New Year 2014

Only $69.90 for Electric Steamboat and Grill Set - Perfect for Chinese New Year gatherings, this pot body made of high quality aluminium alloy and special surface treatment helps you make cooking healthy without making it difficult to clean. Its high thermal efficiency allows rapid heat transfer as the heat pipes made of high quality materials are also safe and reliable. Transparent tempered glass lid allows you to observe your cooking easily. The anti-scald temperature handle ensure that you’re cooking safely. The pot temperature can be adjusted and also dries off automatically. This advanced technology results in a product of fine and beautiful shape. 63% OFF with free delivery.

Cash Voucher at Marina Bay Seafood - If you’re craving for seafood, then Marina Bay Seafood is just the place to be! With a wide variety of authentic seafood with over 150 dishes to choose from, curb your cravings with much satisfaction for only $50 for a $100 cash voucher!

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