Friday, January 24, 2014

Triumph Singapore sexy lingerie television commercials

Triumph Singapore teams up with Singapore photographer and director Geoff Ang for a series of six eye popping lingerie television commercials. Unveil the sexy suprise campaign includes six 10-second videos that bring to life Triumph’s best-selling pieces, like the Maximizer Aqua and Cleavage-On-Demand bras. Ang’s masterful handling of lights and camera angles show exactly how each piece works to give women the dream body they always wanted.

Besides being screened on the small screen, teasers are featured - along with the commercials - on Triumph Singapore’s Youtube page. The audience can also get in on the action by sharing these teasers through Triumph’s Facebook page to win a limited edition customised iPad.

Videos are Safe for Work but may not be Safe for Heart.

One of the 10 second videos by Triumph Singapore: Never has water been this essential: Maximizer Aqua

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