Monday, January 6, 2014

Singapore Airlines SQ317 makes emergency landing in Baku

SQ317, a Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight between Singapore and London, have made an emergency landing in Azerbaijan due to faulty cabin pressure of the Airbus 380 (A380). The cabin of the Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 was depressurised and the aircraft landed safely in the Baku at about 1:03am local time (5 am Singapore time).

No casualties were reported among the 467 passengers and 27 crew members onboard. There was a photo of the cabin of Airbus A380 where oxygen masked are seen deployed.

Here is the announcement in Singapore Airlines Facebook page :

"Flight SQ317, an Airbus A380 operating from London to Singapore, diverted to Baku in Azerbaijan on 6 January 2014 as a result of a cabin depressurisation. Oxygen masks were deployed and the aircraft landed uneventfully at Baku airport at 01:03 (local time). There were no injuries to the 467 passengers and 27 crew on board.

We are seeking clearance from local authorities to transfer affected customers to a hotel until a replacement aircraft arrives from Singapore.

Customers may wish to contact our Reservation and Ticketing Office in Singapore at +65 6223 8888 for assistance."

Singapore Airlines SQ317 makes emergency landing in Baku
Photo : Coconuts Singapore
Passanger Matthew G. Johnson shortly after take-off from Heathrow Airport there was a loud air noise from the door five rows in front. According to his Facebook post he questioned the crew who allegedly told him about two hours later than the door had a "mild" leaking seal. Another few hours went by before this led to cabin depressurisation and forced the emergency landing.[1]

Matthew G. Johnson shared this photo of a cabin door of
Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 (SQ317).
Photo from Courtesy of Matthew G. Johnson Facebook

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