Friday, January 24, 2014

Cruising from Burma to Borneo Aboard a Classic Sailing Yacht

Sailing company Burma Boating has launched its new summer itinerary, "The Spice Route Adventure." Guests can book parts of this epic journey aboard Burma Boating’s flagship yacht “Meta IV” and follow a route travelled by merchants and adventurers over the centuries.

The voyage will take the yacht from Burma to Thailand’s western islands, continuing through Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, all the way to Sabah in Borneo - and back.

This is a journey of discovery through the heart of Southeast Asia, combining culture with nature and luxury with adventure. Guests can expect to see ancient port towns, World Heritage Sites, national parks, gorgeous waters and some of Asia’s most beautiful islands. They will listen to the sounds of the world's oldest rainforest on Borneo, sail up jungle rivers, watch orangutans and sample exotic delicacies on local markets - there will be endless opportunities for outings and excursions.

The cruising schedule offers 8 different segments between May and September - each of them 12 days long. Many of the islands along the way have been rated to be among the world's most beautiful.

Burma Boating is offering two kinds of packages: Guests can book a cabin and join a cruise. Families or groups might also consider chartering the whole yacht for themselves to plan a completely tailor-made private trip. Meta IV has space for up to 8 guests in 4 cabins, all fully air-conditioned and with en-suite bathrooms.

Meta IV was designed by the naval architect Thomas E. Colvin, who gave the yacht her beautiful shape and robust hull. She is made entirely of Thai teak, one of the best woods for building classic boats. She was constructed in 1998 as a private two-master for a Swiss businessman who made his fortune in hotels. After two years of intensive restoration work and refitting, Meta IV started her new life as a luxury charter vessel in the fall of 2012. She is crewed by an Austrian captain, a Thai chef and two sailors.

From May to September, cruise operator Burma Boating offers 12-day sailing vacations along the old spice trade route between Burma and Borneo.

Burma Boating offers sailing experiences aboard classic yachts. The company made headlines when spearheading luxury sailing cruises in Burma’s Mergui Archipelago last year.

From late October until end of April, Meta IV will be back in Burma's (Myanmar's) Mergui Archipelago. Rates for the 12-day Spice Route Adventure are EUR 3,900 (USD 5,290) per person.

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