Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Pattaya Night Life : Red Light Districts

Pattaya's extra colorful night life is infamous with its sex tourism offers. Although you can have a holiday in Pattaya without going into this naughty part of Pattaya night life, if you will not be able to take a very young girl/boy (sex worker) hand in hand with an old uncle, than Pattaya is probably not for you.

But if your reason to be in Pattaya is commercial sex in the first place, Pattaya is the capital of it. This type of tourism does not necessarily stop after 1-2 hour horizontal sports: there is something called boyfriend/girlfriend experience in Pattaya (and in fact in all Thailand tourism attractions) where you hire a woman or man to be your temporary partner in your entire holiday. A very good opportunity for a working lady, boy or ladyboy to empty your vallet.

Pattaya Walking Street
Walking Street is the main red-light district in Pattaya with hundreds of beer bars, go-go bars and brothels. Pattaya is famous for its beer bars and its bar girls who are for hire for sex tourists who drink there. But majority of the customers you see in these bars in fact do come there to drink and flirt with the girls without bar fining them (paying the bar fine and taking them).

Go-go bars are indoor bars where there is a stage full of bikini clad (and occasionally topless and fully naked) dancers. All the dancers and usually all the girls serving drinks are "for hire" with a "bar fine". These places are also open for those who go just to drink and watch. But you cannot take picture and camera the action inside and if you are caught doing this you may be beaten up.

Some famous and best go-go bars in Pattaya Walking Street are Baccara A Go-Go (one of the most lavish and impressive clubs in Pattaya), Airport Club (dancers in bikini style air hostess outfits), Living Dolls Showcase and Peppermint.

If you want to stay near Walking Street, choose hotel in Pattaya Beach Road area. Here are the list of Pattaya Beach Road hotels with their ratings and reviews.

When living the Pattaya night life to fullest do not forget to bring your common sense (as well as condoms) with you. Since most of the blood in your body will be sucked by your "little" buddy, to keep whatever intelligence you have, do not drink a lot. Beer is cheap in Pattaya (compared to many Western countries) and in go-go bars they will push you to drink a lot (especially the cute lady hanging with you).

Many do not have any significant issue during Pattaya stay but some simple cautions are necessary. Never be directed to a go-go bar (or any bar) by a stranger. Always either choose your destination before heading to streets or go into places you choose. Also, this is important, do not go into any go-go bar which is not on the street level (ideally entered from street and you can partially see inside from street).

Pattaya Walking Street
Pattaya Walking Street
Many tourists end up drinking a lot and having sex without so much memory of the night and then spend more money to HIV tests than the bar-fine, the girl and the beers.

Walking Street is full of colorful neon lights, girls, boys, lady-boys and snatch thieves. Do not carry large sums of money or valuable on you. When choosing a Pattaya hotel choose one with safe-boxes and use them.

It is best to avoid commercial sex in Pattaya but if you are really into it, note that picking a street-walker or engaging in sex without condom in a place where people from all around the world comes for boogy nights is a playing russian roulette with your life.

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