Friday, December 30, 2011

Find your way in the jungles of Singapore shopping malls

Singapore has malls, a lot of malls. At least 188 malls! I know this because I have downloaded SG Malls Singapore By Hereing. This was when I have had hard time to find the stores where my wife could spend her Marina Bay Sands points in Marina Bay Sands mall sugarcoating the casino. I actually first thought to develop an application to show me my way in the large malls of Singapore but then I told to my self "mille, the wheel may already be invented". It was indeed, 2359 media team has probably been lost long before me. They have developed this cool application SG Malls Singapore and already added 188 malls to it with stores including their telephone numbers, website and fax numbers plus interior maps of the malls. And unlike I have planned, they are offering it free of charge on iPhone and iPad.

 So next time you get lost in a Singapore mall and wander around to find thatFood court, Levis store or MacDonalds, you can use SG Malls iPhone application to navigate in increasingly large and horribly layout-ed malls. The application senses location of Nearby Malls, provides a store directory that is searchable by name or category of the store and a map of the mall so you can easily find your way to a store. So no more missing the promotion in a favorite outlet, looking for an information panel to locate a restaurant or let your nature torture you while looking for a toilet. Singapore has mall, a lot of malls and you do not have to worry about getting lost in one.

Where am I? You are here!
The application is developed by 2359media. This is the first mobile application developed by this Singaporean  firm incorporated in 2009 by Wong Hong Ting and Zhou Wenhan.

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