Monday, December 19, 2011

Tobacco Smokes The World

Smoking is a very costly habit and in my opinion one of the greatest way to waste resources and people human kind invented. Smoking has the potential to bring a costly, premature and very painful death as lung cancer, a disease which was so uncommon before the advent of cigarette smoking that a physician could retire without seeing any case at all. Even worse does not happen, it causes a lot of health problem which would drain your health and pocket at a time you plan to enjoy your retirement. Smoking also drains your pocket just today, for example if you are smoking a package of Marlboro a day, it will cost you 4347 Singapore Dollars per year (cost of one package of Marlboro in Singapore = 11.91 SGD x 365 days)! This is hell a lot of money which can be saved for your future or spend on a great holiday! Actually, with this amount you can both save and have a great holiday.

Below graphic is from Frugal Dad and it has some depressing insight to the cost of tobacco smoking. If you are smoking now and looking for ways to save money, just stop smoking.

In US alone, consumers have spent $90 billion for tobacco in 2006. Cigarette smoking costs nearly 190,000 USD per smoker life time and results in 5.1 millions of days of life lost in US alone.[1]

Despite a number of government programs designed to eradicate tobacco use, 250 million children alive today will die as a result of tobacco use. This is due to 5.5 trillion cigarettes smoked each year worldwide (790 cigarette per each person on the planet per year).

Cigarette smoking is the number one cause of preventable death in many countries. In USA, it kills more Americans than AIDS, alcohol, car accidents, murder, suicides, drugs and fires combined. Despite this only 4.7 percent of smokers can successfully quit smoking. On the bright side, 48 million Americans had successfully quit smoking in 2008 alone.

China alone is the 40 percent of the global tobacco market and 730,000 people die from first hand smoking and 100,000 people die from second hand smoking in China.

Tobacco Smoking Infographic

[1] - Economic Facts About U.S. Tobacco Production and Use

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