Saturday, December 10, 2011

Shop Tax Free In Singapore

If you are a visitor to Singapore, you can get the full refund of the 7 per cent Goods & Services Tax (GST) that you have paid on the goods you are bringing back with you. How to shop tax free in Singapore? Most shops in Singapore are affiliated with one of two GST refund service providers: Premier Tax Free or Global Blue Tax Free. They display signs of these companies at their entrance (see image below). When you buy something from these shops, you can refund GST for it, if you are a visitor to Singapore. But do not forget to ask the salesperson for a Global Blue Tax Free Refund Cheque or a Premier Refund Voucher when you make a purchase of 100 Singapore Dollars or above. In Singapore, there are shops not affiliated with either agency but still having their own GST refund schemes. Ask the salesperson how the GST refund works for them because the minimu purchase amount for GST will vary from shops to shops.

When departing from Singapore Changi Airport present your Global Blue Tax Free Refund Cheque or Premier Refund Voucher, the goods you have bought and original receipts, your passport and travel documents to Singapore Customs GST Refund Inspection counter for endorsement. After you have obtained Singapore Customs’ endorsement on your refund application, you can proceed to the counter of Global Blue Refund or Premier Tax Free if you are holding Global Refund Cheque or Premier Tax Free Voucher for refund of the money.  These counters are located in the Departure Lounge after immigration.  If you have purchased from a retailer operating the scheme on his own, please mail the refund form back to the retailer to process the refund of the money.[1]

Tax Free Shopping Signs in Singapore

There are also GST refund locations in Singapore:

  • Funan Digitalife Mall
  • Wisma Atria (Orchard Road)
  • Sim Lim Square
  • Centrepoint Shopping Centre (Orchard Road)

There are some restrictions on GST refund. For example, you cannot refund items partially or fully consumed in Singapore. Maximum amount you can refund is restricted to 500 SGD (7140 SGD worth of goods purchased) per person. And unfortunately, you cannot reclaim GST if you are leaving Singapore by land or cruise.
[1] Tourist Refund Scheme

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