Wednesday, August 13, 2014

5 Benefits You Get with Online Event Software

Everything changes quickly today and business is no exception. Just a decade or two ago the entire concept of business meetings and networking events was different. The advancement of technology allowed for a lot of things to be made easier, quicker and more accurate. So, when you want to host a business networking event, you need to keep a record of some important things. First of all, you want to know who is going to attend the event and you want to directly and openly communicate with RSVPs.

Like I said, a lot of work was needed to do all this in the past, but software is here to help you out with all the details that need to be handled. You will find a lot of software solutions online so the only thing you need to do is to choose the one that will cater to your requirements. Now, since we are talking about business networking event here, it is clear what kind of requirements we have.

The first thing you need to do is to get all the information you can about the attendees so you can contact them further down the line. You may follow up to all of them at once, or directly select several attendees only. Since you will need to brand your company, this has to be done through the correspondence as well. So, let’s take a look at those 5 benefits you get with online event software:

Print the Names of Attendees

Anyone who wants to come to the event will sign up online and the software you use should be able to select all attendees who will come to the event and print all their names, together with some basic information.

Email the Attendees

The software you use should have your branding put up everywhere - on the sign up page and on the emails you sent. And it is important that you can send a mass email to all the RSVPs in case you want to let them know about any new information regarding the event.

Accept Different Forms of Payment

In case your event requires admission, you need your software to accept multiple forms of payment like credit cards and PayPal.

Name Tags Printing

Most business networking events have attendees wearing name tags. Sure, you could buy sticky name tags and write all the names yourself, but it's a lot easier to have online event software to print these out instead of you. You can even set the software to print out other important information, besides the person's name, like the company name or logo.

Creation of Custom Emails

When you are sending out an email to the attendees, you want to display all the information about the event and about your company. It would be great if you could create custom emails so that you can brand yourself properly and create an attractive and vibrant email. If your online event software does not have this option, you would have to hire a graphic designer, which takes time and money.

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