Thursday, August 14, 2014

What is SingTel WIFI?

Since it is introduced, many phone users in Singapore have switched to 4G network which offers a faster internet. But video hungry users have easily congested this wide wide surfing road. Today in an MRT train or a crowded area, 4G may become extremely slow to the point that you cannot even load a web page.

SingTel now offers SingTel WIFI, a new plan which can switch to SingTel WIFI network whenever a hotspot is in range. Basically, SingTel is creating WIFI hotspots in Singapore and subscribers will easily switch to SingTel WIFI when a hotspot is near. The only thing you need to do is to keep Wi-Fi switched on then everything will be automated.

Currently there are 100 SingTel Wi-Fi hotspots in Singapore at 15 locations but according to SingTel there will be 1000 hotspots by March 2015. Do not expect coverage to all houses in Singapore but it will

SingTel 4G/WIFI combo plans cost $3 more and replace the existing SingTel 4G Flexi plans.

One problem with public WI-Fi is the speed or lack of it. According to SingTel, the SingTel Wi-Fi network will be 5 times faster than a typical WIFI network.

Below you can see SingTel's 4G/WIFI combo plans.

SingTel's 4G/WIFI combo plans
SingTel's 4G/WIFI combo plans

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