Monday, August 25, 2014

Online shopping for Maternity Clothing Singapore - Ubermums

Busy mothers have less time and energy for going out to shop. Luckily, internet helps a lot because you can easily buy required things like maternity clothing, maternity wear, nursing tops, breastfeeding clothes, etc. If you are looking for an online shop in Singapore for maternity shopping, take a look at Singapore based Ubermums (Uber means "ultimate" in German).

Ubermums is an online nursing and maternity shop which has been around for almost 4 years. They are quite unique because they design all of their maternity and nursing (breastfeeding) apparel. All their clothes are dual functioned i.e. maternity with breastfeeding openings. The passion for providing stylish and comfortable maternity clothes and nursing wear in contemporary styles is the key to success of the company.

The online shop is named übermums (ultimate mums) as a reference to what women aspire to be: the ultimate multi-tasking, multi-talented wife and mom; whether at home or in the market place. And modern moms will love the ease of shopping and the range of maternity wear and nursing clothes offered by the shop. Some of the most popular items are DUO range products where maternity apparels also have nursing features which makes them quite functional. Ubermums-shop is an easy to use online shop and your purchases will normally be delivered in 3 working days. The shop also provides international delivery.

Ubermums online maternity and nursing shop offers stylish and comfortable maternity clothes and
The shop is run by mumpreneur Edwina Ng, mother of two, who has left her corporate job for her start-up dreams and successfully turned her dreams into reality. She was featured in Mother & Baby where she shared her experience with being an entrepreneur and mum.

The web address for Ubermums online maternity shop is here at You can also follow their latest products and offers here at their Ubermums Shop Facebook page.

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