Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Famous professional mistress Guo Mei Mei arrested

Guo Mei Mei, widely considered China's most brazen "professional mistress",  gained fame in 2011 when she started to show off her Maserati and luxury bags on social media. She claimed to be a manager of an organisation under the Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) which sparked outrage and making people questioning charities.

Well obviously, her wealth(!) was not coming from Red Cross funds. Guo Mei Mei was arrested on July 9th and confessed to prostitution and gambling according to Chinese media. She also confessed to police that she had nothing to do with the Red Cross Society of China. According to Red Cross Society of China, she was actually a mistress to a wealthy businessman which has done some charity work with Red Cross.
According to Beijing police, Guo's wealth came from illegal gambling, commercial performances including singing, and the sex trade. In mid-2011, Guo claimed on social media she was a manager of an organisation under the charity and openly flaunted her wealth and extravagance. 
Her posts triggered concern over how donations are used by the country's state-run charitable organisations and dealt a major blow to the RCSC, which has been struggling to regain trust since the scandal. Donations to the society dropped by 23.68 per cent in 2012, according to the China Charity and Donation Information Center.
Source : Controversial Guo Meimei back in spotlight for prostitution, gambling

Famous professional mistress Guo Mei Mei arrested
Guo Mei Mei seen here living the high life.
She has been making money from different illegal activities including having sex with man for money. But she was not an ordinary prostitute, she was charging 100,000 yuan ($17,400) for encounter! She was seen on CCTV wearing no make up and orange detention center uniform.

"[One man] transferred 50,000 yuan to my card. And he gave me another 300,000 Hong Kong dollars to me. We had sexual relations on the day of my arrival,” she said. “The next day I said I would go back to Beijing. He then bought me the air ticket and transferred another 110,000 yuan to my account after I returned.”

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