Friday, August 3, 2012

iPad rental for tourists in Singapore

There may be times in your Singapore visit when you regret that you just did not have an iPad equipped with unlimited high-speed 3G connection. Do not regret, rent an iPad. A company in Singapore is renting out iPads loaded with Singapore and Travel Apps and daily updates on cool events and things to do for 30 Singapore Dollars (24 USD) per day. All you need to do is to e-mail rental period, date & time of collection and pick-up location to the company and they will deliver the TouristPad, charger, cable and Apple iPad Smart Case to your chosen location and payment is collected on the spot. But you had better look after your TouristPad-a-day very well. On the spot, you will be required to sign a rental contract for a hold amount of S$800 on your credit card. If you manage to return the device in one piece and working and good condition this amount will not be deducted.

Here is the press release from the company web site:

A new iPad rental service is in town. Better known as a TouristPad, this trusty tool will empower all travelers to have the most amazing, effortless holiday experience. With a lightweight iPad on hand, consumers can access resources at their fingertips and make informed choices that maximize their stay in Singapore.

Travelers can now reserve their iPad easily online at for S$30 a day. The TouristPad will be hand delivered to them at their hotel/ the airport so that they can start enjoying the service immediately when they arrive in Singapore. A deposit of S$800 will be blocked on their credit card, which will be unblocked at the end of their rental.

It definitely worth to carry your connectivity with you in Singapore where information on hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc. may be very time and money saving.

iPad for S$30 a day

4 reasons why a TouristPad is made for travelers

  1. Power comes with connectivity. They now have unlimited, high-speed 3G connectivity available on the go. Tourists can make a Skype call, get their YouTube fix and have online resources at their disposal.
  2. Get around like a local. It’s more than just Google Maps. Our localized apps will have travelers using Singapore’s wide array of public transport networks as they get directions on the most time-efficient route from any road, street or alley.
  3. Our App-visors save the day. If you fail to plan, you don’t necessarily plan to fail. At least not with our trip planning apps. Travelers will be discovering the best of Singapore with hundreds of recommended places and things to do. Air tickets, accommodation or even shows can be booked in record timing.
  4. Capture the best moments. Photography buffs who love capturing moments in photos and sharing them with the world are in for a treat when they can do it effortlessly with a TouristPad. Tourists can enhance photos instantly or better yet, record and upload a video

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