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All The Way West aka Due West: Our Sex Journey

All The Way West (Due West: Our Sex Journey or  Due West: My Sex Journey) is a 2012 3D sex comedy  follows the story of a young man living in modern Hong Kong. Directed by Mark Wu, All The Way West has been released in Hong Kong, Australia and New Zeland on September 20th 2012 and has received much better reviews than last year's "3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy" and holds a 6.3 rating in IMDB as of October 2012. The movie has been in the news recently with one of its stars, Wang Li Danni being a medical student in China.

All The Way West follows the story of a typical, nerdy Hong Kong guy Frankie (Justin Cheung) who heads to north, Mainland China, for prostitution after breaking up from his stereotypical Hong Kong's girlfriend
Zeta (Celia Kwok). He meets an attractive girl Celia (Daniella Wang) and develops feeling for her. And the viewers would expect, the best parts of young Asian actresses will pop up to your face from the scene as Frankie moves on his adventure of lust and love.

You can read a review of the movie from IMDB and below it you can watch a trailer of the movie:
Justin Cheung is a far better lead actor than Hiro Hayama's ill-fated role in last year's "Sex and Zen 3D". Cheung shows far more character in his role as the slightly nerdy typical local, growing up in the midst of a satirical democracy family that is not unlike Hong Kong's current political situation. What makes Cheung's character interesting is that underlining all the monologues and self-indulgence, he is easily a likable person that the audience can relate towards. Representing the local Hong Kong industry, Celia Kwok does well as Cheung's mainstay girlfriend and despite being an obvious stereotypical take on Hong Kong's girls in general. I probably won't go into the detail naming each actresses who bare their parts, but it must be admitted that the quality on display (in particular the scene at the camping site and the showing of different types of actual massage on offer) is by far better than the atrocious "Sex and Zen 3D". Jeana Ho also appears in a hilarious cameo, while Gregory Wong is suitably cool and Mark Wu's groovy yet realistic appearance provide adequately support as Cheung's accomplice and venture into the world of Mainland prostitution. 
Director Mark Wu succeeds because he clearly respects better filmmakers and there are obvious notions and elements of auteur Wong Kar Wai, Stephen Chow and Pang Ho Cheung throughout in his work. Wu constantly plays with the audience and breaks the third wall through Cheung's constant monologue to the audience. This is extremely effective as the audience can easily walk into the movie and be fully absorbed in the proceeding. Films like these can easily be cheesy and resulting in the audience laughing at the filmmaker and actors alike, but somehow Wu manages to switch this around and created something relevant, smart and sexy enough to satisfy a broader audience base.
Source : Due West: Our Sex Journey

All The Way West  Trailer on Youtube (a.k.a Due West: Our Sex Journey)

All The Way West is the second 3D movie in this genre as far as I know after 3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy was marketed as the first 3D sex movie around the world. This type of movie has some commercial advantages in Hong Kong: Since the movies are censored in Mainland China and 3D movies are hard to download and watch on computers, Chinese tourists flow to Hong Kong to watch these 3D movies. Travel operators were reportedly organising moviegoing excursions to Hong Kong and Taiwan for tourists from mainland China, where strict censorship rules prevent any screening of the film.

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