Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Police looking at the Zouk CyberJapan Bikini Party

Zouk, one of the oldest and most popular nightclubs in Singapore, is investigated by police because of the debut of the Cyberjapan dancers at Zouk's CyberJapan Bikini Party on Oct 5 2012. At the event, CyberJapan dancers took the center stage and showed off their sexy moves while Japanese DJ Mitomi Tokoto was performing his debut. These Japanese dance troupe is famous with their trademark bikinis and some photos of them appeared on Singapore's Stomp web site.

According to The New Paper of Singapore, a police spokesman said that "the police will be looking into the performance to "ascertain whether the establishment had breached licensing conditions". On the other hand, Timothy Chia, Zouk's head of marketing and events, said that Zouk Club has a blanket, year-long live performance license from (the) public entertainment division.[1]

Back in August 2010, Club Atlantis, Singapore's biggest Thai disco, where scantily-clad young women went from table to table pushing the sales of drinks, was ordered to shut down for breached licensing regulations.

[1] - Police to investigate Zouk bikini dancers

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