Friday, October 19, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in Singapore

Samsung Galaxy Note 2, world's top-selling mobile phone maker Samsung's new Android smartphone, is now in Singapore and sold by all three telcos of Singapore (SingTel, StarHub and M1). The Samsung Galaxy Note was an unexpected success in Singapore when it was launched in October 2011 and its successor will probably replicate that success. The device, which  is equipped with a quad-core processor and Android Jelly Bean mobile OS,  is one of the the most attractive Android handset to date with an impressive specs sheet. It comes with a 2GB RAM, 8-megapixel primary camera, front-facing 1.9-megapixel camera and a large 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED display.

As we have seen in Samsung Galaxy S3 launch in Singapore, this new great smartphone was greeted with long queues at the outlets of all three telcos ahead of the 6pm collection Samsung's Galaxy Note II LTE smartphone.[1] According to CNet Asia, around 1,000 people were spotted standing in line at 5:30 PM yesterday to collect their Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE at the pre-launch for StarHub users in Plaza Singapura:
"It seems like Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 LTE is big in Singapore, with lines forming for the "phablet" ahead of a 6pm launch today. The smartphone/tablet with a 5.5-inch display officially launches tomorrow, but customers who pre-registered their interest could buy one today from one of the three mobile operators. 
Around 1,000 people stood in line outside StarHub's shop at the Plaza Singapura shopping center, with the queue snaking around the atrium to the exterior of the mall. M1 had fewer customers in line--about 300--than StarHub, but a long line formed outside the Paragon shopping mall, too."[2]

Singtel Samsung Galaxy Note 2 price plans starts from 3G Flexi Lite for 39.9 SGD per month and 568 SGD for the phone
Singtel Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Price Plans
Price Plan Monthly Subscription Phone Prices
3G Flexi Lite
$39.90 $568.00
3G Flexi Plus $99.90 $98.00
3G Flexi Premium
$204.99 $0.00
3G Flexi Value $59.90 $288.00

Below there is a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 review by Singapore's Today newspaper. You can also read a review of the phone here. In Singapore, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 offers LTE or Long Term Evolution. LTE is a standard for wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile phones and data terminals and is marketed as 4G LTE.


According to the PopHerald Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is cheaper in Asia (Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong) and more over, the device is also more accessible to the masses:
According to sources from Asia-based online retailers, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has seen yet another mild price cut for the Asian market, from the original $750 each to $680 (16GB variant), unlocked and ready to use. For comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 unlocked is still sporting the slightly more expensive tag price of $750 to $800, unchanged based on its October week 1 unlocked price.[3]

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE queue in Singapore
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE queue in Singapore - Photo: CNet Asia
[1] - Queues spotted at Samsung Galaxy Note II launch
[2] - Queues form for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE
[3] - Samsung Galaxy Note 2 unlocked price lower in Asia, on-contract also attractive

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