Friday, October 5, 2012

Kancheong Style: Singapore parody of Gangnam Style

A Singaporean parody of South Korean hit song Gangnam Style features Singaporean kids making light of the "kancheong" culture in Singapore. "Kancheong" is a Singlish term used in Singapore to refer to nervous, tense, worried. The video is depicting the intense pressure put on Singaporean kids by their kiasu parents.

The 4-minute video is produced by family magazine The Asian Parent to celebrate Children's Day on 5 October.[1] It has gone viral and reached over 24,000 views on YouTube. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Acting Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin have both featured the song on their Facebook walls.

Singlish infused lyrics of the song depicts the Kancheong style:

Wake up every morning I am feeling oh so sleepy
Faster faster bathe and then I go get ready
Auntie get me milo
Daddy gives me money
Tiger Mummy tell me better quickly go and study 
Walking to the train
But then it starts to rain
Ai-yoh eh, eh
No umbrella leh, eh
But my maid Lorraine
She tells me use my brain
Take newspaper… er
Why you so blur
We push, you push, we shove, you shove if we go late
Sure kenna scold-o-o-o-o…! 
Super Kancheong Style!
Kancheong Style, style-style-style-style-style
Super Kancheong Style
Kancheong Style, style-style-style-style-style
Super Kancheong Style
Eh… better hurry, eh eh eh eh eh
Super Kancheong Style
Eh… give me curry, oh oh oh oh oh
Super Kancheong Style

Run like a Siao Gila, heng ah I reach school on time ah
Teacher look at me macam just commit a crime lah
Walking like some hero
Oh no forgot my homework
Mummy, Daddy sure scold me ‘cos all test I got zero![2]

[1] - ‘Kancheong Style’ shows off moves of Singaporean kids
[2] - Singapore Gangnam with Children – Super Kancheong Style

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