Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Scoot Airlines blacklisted passanger who wrote high-jack and crash a plane plan on Facebook

Wayne Avison from Australia took his frustration with Scoot Airlines to Facebook and posted a message. As a result booking for his return flight from Bangkok to Gold Coast, Australia, through Singapore, was cancelled with no refund. The reason was the content of the message which he calls a "private joke with his son": The Australian muay thai boxing trainer threatened to hijack and crash a Scoot flight on his return journey:
Mr Avison complained on his Facebook page on September 25 that the missed flight had left him stranded in Singapore, adding that the airline, Singapore-based Scoot, had not offered him a night's accommodation either. His son replied a short time later: ''Well that sucks. Make sure you file a complaint when u get back''.
Advertisement  Mr Avison responded: ''I'm going to high-jack the plane on the return flight and crash it …[1]
Scoot's CEO Campbell Wilson said that the decision is made by the airline for security of 400 other passangers, crew and a multi-million dollar asset. He also added that Wayne Avison's statement is against the law"[2].

Scoot Airlines logo
Scoot Airlines logo

The airline can refuse any passenger if he/she looks like a threat to the safety of fellow passengers and crew. Scoot Airlines has not only refused to fly the Australian back to Gold Coast, it has also banned him for life.

Wayne Avison in reply said that the threat was ''an obvious joke'' and claimed that Scoot Airlines had in fact cancelled his flight because of his many complaints about the airline's poor standard of service.

''I'm Australian and live in Australia, a democratic society, which gives me the right to think, say and write whatever I bloody want!'' he wrote. He has not yet deleted the comment about hijacking the plane from his Facebook page, which is publicly viewable.[1]

[1] - Airline ban for hijack threat
[2] -  Scoot passenger blacklisted after 'hijack' post on Facebook

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