Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Johnny Depp Dead Hoax

Despite Internet rumors, probably fueled by the recent death of a crew member working on The Lone Ranger, staring Johnny Depp and spread by a bogus Facebook memorial page named “R.I.P. Johnny Depp”, Johnny Depp is not dead and this is just another death hoax. Unfortunately a crew member of The Lone Ranger, named Mike Bridger, had a cardiac arrest and died on the movie set.

As a result of the confusion, internet search traffic for 'Johnny Depp Dead' have skyrocketed. This is not the first time The Pirates of the Carribeean’ actor Johnny Depp is the victim of a dead hoax. Back in 2010 a fake CNN website also reported Depp had passed away in a car accident. Eddie Murphy has also been involved in multiple celebrity death hoaxes.

 Johnny Depp has recently separated from Vanessa Paradis in June 2012 with whom he had 14 years of relationship and 2 kids.

Johnny Depp Death Hoax Leaked After Crew Member Dies On 'Lone Ranger' Set: ENTV

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