Friday, November 9, 2012

Olivier Desbarres dismissed by Barclays after outburst

You remember the angry expat who made headlines in Singapore after he has angrily trepassed into 2 noisy construction sites near his home and threw a lot of f***** words and building materials at Wimborne Road, in the Katong area on Saturday, Oct 20, close to 9am. His outburst in one of the construction sites is caught on video and the video made its way to YouTube. The video and the news found its way into international media. The angry Caucasian man is Olivier Desbarres, former head of FX strategy for Asia Pacific excluding Japan at Barclays. Former because he was fired from Barclays after the outburst according to The Wall Street Journal:
The firing of Olivier Desbarres, former head of FX strategy for Asia Pacific excluding Japan at Barclays, was first reported by the Times’ City Diary blog. A former colleague confirmed the banker was shown the door after Barclays executives viewed the clip.  
Darrell Wright, a spokesman for Barclays, declined to comment on the matter. Attempts to reach Desbarres via mobile phone and Facebook were unsuccessful.[1]
Unison, the contractor of one of the sites, has agreed with Olivier Desbarres to start work at 9 am, 1 hour later than what is allowed. But on October 20th, the workers have started the work at 08:45 AM. So he lost his cool.

Never ending and almost round the clock construction noise is a very annoying problem but Olivier Desbarres did much more than going and shouting at them. He has used racial slurs and vulgarities and threatened the workers to burn their houses and construction equipment. He has shouted (you can also watch in the video below) "“I’m gonna go after you. I’m gonna burn your f****** house down, You have no respect. You know what? You are f****** animals. Chinese f****** animals."[2]

Olivier Desbarres, who has joined Barclays in August 2011 and has appeared on financial networks such as CNBC, got more angry when he realized that he was being video taped:
"You’re filming me? You think that’s good? Put your f**cking phone down because I’m going to wait for you to come out and take that phone and shove it up your f**cking ass."[3]
Olivier Desbarres shouting at construction workers

2 neighbors The Straits Times talked told that they have made police reports on him after he has threatened them and their family because of the noise of their dogs. Olivier Desbarres is 37 years old according to The New Paper and believed to be a French.

Unison Construction, the firm whose workers were threatened, filed a police report after the incident, a spokeswoman for the firm said. The Singapore Police Force is investigating, a police spokesman said.[1]

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  1. It is the Home Affair Minister and Minister of Manpower handling of this case to enlighten not just the electorates, but migrants, future migrants, world investors how serious is the government about embracing foreigners while not impacting worksite safety, racial harmony, communal peace. It is for us to see.