Saturday, November 10, 2012

Evil man from Krabi video of shotgun toting angry father goes viral

The YouTube clip produced by the father of a Dutch girl who was reportedly raped in Krabi and entitled "Evil Man from Krabi" may be blocked from viewing in Thailand. The video clip condemns Krabi police for failing to bring justice to his 19-year-old daughter, who was allegedly raped while celebrating her birthday at Ao Nang beach earlier this year.

In the video shotgun toting angry father of the 19 years old Dutch girl daughter is seen and the messages are accompanied with emotional music to protest that her attacker has been given bail:

In the night of July 27th our beloved daughter was beaten badly and raped by a Thai tour guide in Ao Nang province of Krabi. The man escaped and was found after one month. They put him in jail but he is free on bail and denying what happened. It can not be that a man gets away with this crime not in Holland not in Thailand .. not in the whole world ...

The alleged rapist, Chumpon Khaonuang, was identified by the girl from CCTV footage taken at the Chang Bar in Ao Nang.  The girl’s boyfriend had retired early and she had accepted a lift back to her holiday apartment after Khaonuang said he was going her way.[2] The girl was treated for injuries at Krabi Hospital and was able to testify at a special court hearing before returning home to the Amsterdam. Krabi Provincial Police also say they have DNA evidence Despite the evidence Khaonuang was allowed bail and after an initial confession has pleaded not guilty.[2]

In the video, the father sings: "Evil man of Krabi, we've got to put him in jail. Evil man of Krabi, we don't accept no bail. They let him free, so he can do it again and again. Don't you feel the pain you put inside my child?" The clip has gone viral on YouTube.

Evil Man from Krabi

According to the description of the video, which is released on October 23rd, "the video will help us to put the Raperman from Krabi into jail:
"This is a message against all sexual violence in this world. The music and clip is made by United Dutch Artists read the article please."

Separately, DPA reported that Western tourists have cancelled a large number of hotel bookings and local tourism authorities are complaining that the clip is affecting their earnings.[1]
"We've been getting a lot of cancellations recently, especially at high-end hotels," Krabi Tourism Association president Ittirit Kinglek said. "Most of the cancellations are coming from English tourists."[3]
[1] - Blocking of Krabi video considered
[3] - 'Evil Man from Krabi' YouTube video slashes business at Thai resort

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