Sunday, November 18, 2012

Top 10 Asian celebrity victims of nude photo scandal

The most recent sex photos and videos scandal involving Taiwanese Justin Lee reminded other high profile victims of this kind of scandals. Below are the top 10 Asian names who fell victim to such scandals.
Zhai Ling (翟凌)

Zhai Ling, known as Shou Shou in China, is the "Number One Car Show Model" in China. Zhai Ling sex photos and videos "leaked" to internet in 2010 through her ex-boyfriend. Beijing New Silk Road Models Company, Zhai Ling's modeling agency, have acknowledged that the woman in the sex video is indeed Zhai Ling. After photos and videos are leaked, she became famous all over China. For this reason, many believe that this first and the most notorious scandal in the China's modelling industry, a.k.a "Shou Shou Gate" (兽兽门) is a viral marketing cases for many.

Maggie Wu Ya Xin

28 years old Taiwanese actress and model Maggie Wu's nude photos and videos have leaked to internet among Justin Lee scandal photos and sex videos in 2012. Although she has appealed to public not to distribute the photos, her photos were widely shared on internet and she had to disappear from public eye. Justin Lee, son of a Taiwanese millionaire and Maggie Wu's ex-boyfriend, allegedly drugged and raped many woman and recorded their nude photos and videos.

Gillian Chung (阿娇)

Hong Kong singer and actress Gillian Chung became one of the most famous casualities of Edison Chen photo scandal when nude photos and videos of Edison Chen with Hong Kong actresses and singers such as  Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan, Rachel Ngan and Cecilia Cheung found their way into internet. The photos tarnished Chung's "squeaky-clean image" and effectively destroyed her career.

Cecilia Cheung (张柏芝)

Famous Hong Kong actress and cantopop singer Cecilia Cheung was another victim of Edison Chen photo scandal. The damage was so big that Cheung had to temporarily leave showbiz and became a housewife.

Bobo Chan (陈文媛)

Bobo Chan was a famous  Hong Kong singer and model before the  Edison Chen scandal. The photos badly affected her career and personal life: strong public scrutiny, cancellation of media contracts, ending all product endorsements in her image, and the end of her engagement. Gillian Chung, Cecilia Cheung, and Edison Chen had all returned to the entertainment industry, however, Bobo Chan have never returned.

Rachel Ngan Wing-sze (顏穎思)

Rachel Ngan Wing-sze ( 顏穎思, also known as Rachel Chung and Wing-Sze Ngan) is a Hong Kong movie actress. She was one of the victims of the Edison Chen scandal where her highly pornographic videos and photos have leaked.

Kim Ah-joong (金亚中)

In 2009, full-frontal nude images of South Korean film and drama actress/model Kim Ah-joong was widely spread on the internet. Shocked, Kim Ah-joong and her management company have claimed that the photos are fabricated.

Lai Ying Yu (賴盈羽)

457 nude photos of Taiwanese actress Lai Ying Yu have leaked into internet. Some of the leaked nude photos were reportedly taken in a bikini-shoot when Lai Ying Yu was only 17 years old and other photos came from an ex-boyfriend's collection.

Chu Mei-feng (璩美凤)

Taiwanese TV host was at the peak of her career in 2001 when a Taiwanese tabloid released a video showing her having sex with her married lover. She had to leave Taiwan for 6 years after the scandal.

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