Thursday, November 15, 2012

Singapore's Zoo's polar bear Sheba dies at the age of 35

One of the most interesting experience I have had in Singapore was seeing a real polar bear first time in my life in tropics. You know, Lost was in the air at that time with polar bears in a tropic island and a polar bear in a tropic island like Singapore was very interesting. I remember sitting in the polar bear section for almost an hour and watching Sheba, Singapore Zoo's polar bear swimming.

Sheba has arrived to its tropical home in Singapore Zoo on April 14, 1978 from Cologne Zoo in Germany.  In April 1978, she was just 14 months old. She has spent 35 years in the zoo and has passed away this week according to a statement from Wildlife Reserves Singapore. She has lived a long life for a polar bear in captivity, normal life span of polar bears in captivity is 25 years old. According to a statement from Wildlife Reserves Singapore, she had to be euthanised after her health deteriorated last week. She had been undergoing treatment for the loss of strength in her hind limbs since September 2012.

This tough old lady was also the first polar bear to successfully raise a cub in the tropics. Inuka, her son, is 21 years old now and currently resides in Singapore Zoo.

Once there were four polar bears in Singapore Zoo  — Nanook (Inuka's father), Sheba, Inuka and another female, Anana.

Sheba, Singapore Zoo's polar bear
Sheba, Singapore Zoo's polar bear

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