Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Best cities in Asia in travel 2012

New York based travel magazine Travel + Leisure compiles a Worlds Best lists every year by surveying T+L readers to tell which hotels, destinations, and companies represent the very best in travel.  These World's Best Awards have been announced every August since 1995.

According to 2012 results, Bangkok is voted as the best city in Asia by Travel + Leisure readers in the 2012 World’s Best AwardsBangkok is voted both Asia's and world's best city for the third year in a row while Hong Kong took the second spot from Siem Reap and Kyoto kept its third position.

The magazine with its 4.8 million readers reflects usually the taste of American travellers. According to 2012 survey here are the top 5 best Asian cities in travel:

1 - Bangkok, Thailand

The capital of Thailand and tourism capital of Asia is voted as Worlds Best City and Asia's Best City 3rd time in a row by T+L readers. Bangkok is not only the premier gateway for Thailand, but for all of Southeast Asia.

2 - Hong Kong, China

More than ten years after its handover to China, Hong Kong is still vibrant and influential. Hong Kong is the poster child of Asia with its iconic skyline and is an important cultural center among Chinese and Asians. Hong Kong moved up from 4th spot last year to 2nd spot in 2012.

3 - Kyoto, Japan

Former imperial capital of Japan, Kyoto, is one of the most beautiful cities in Japan and is voted as the 3rd best city to travel to in 2011 and 2012.

Bangkok is the best city in Asia in travel according to Travel+Leisure magazine's world's best awards.
4 - Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap, famous as the location of Angkor Wat and the UNESCO-listed Angkor Archaeological Park, is a small, extremely tourist-friendly city that operates at a relaxed pace. It was the second best city in Asia in travel in 2011 and is 4th in 2012.

5 - Shanghai, China

Once a humble fishing village at the mouth of the Yangzte River, Shanghai is now China's biggest city and an epicenter for art and culture as much as it is for commerce. Moved 1 spot up in the list, pushing Tokyo to the 6th position.

The other best Asian cities in the top 10 are below:

6 - Tokyo, Japan
7 - Singapore
8 - Beijing, China
9 - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
10 - Xi'an, China

Here are the top 3 best cities in the world 
Bangkok - Thailand Florance - Italy Istanbul - Turkey

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