Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fernloft City Hostel - East Coast

I met Fernloft City Hostel on East Coast with a very absurd twist in my accommodation in Singapore. We had to stay with some distant relatives of my wife for a month when we were in between two rental apartments. And just during this time, a friend of mine came to visit me in Singapore. He was staying short and was on budget so I have decided to place him to The Matchbox Concept Hostel for a few days before heading to Bali. But unfortunately, just for that week, Matchbox was closed so I have decided to check this small hostel at a very nice location on East Coast. I see its sign while going to work by bus so I have just dropped by and checked.

The hostel is just ok with basic facilities you would expect from a hostel. The place is 20 minutes away from the Singapore Changi Airport and 15 minutes away from the Singapore downtown. Other than standard dorm rooms, it also provides two double rooms with a little bit more privacy (no attached bathroom). I have paid (yes I was the one who couldn't provide a bed to friend so I have paid) 20 SGD per person per night. The hostel is quite small but has a very friendly environment and I liked the warm meeting space to chill out.

Fernloft hostel group has 4 hostels in Singapore and Malaysia: Fernloft Chinatown, Fernloft East Coast and FernLoft Liddle India are in Singapore and Fernloft Kuala Lumpur is in Malaysia. Fernloft City Hostel on East Coast is the original Fernloft, where it all started.

Singapura Hostel - Fernloft City Hostel
Fernloft City Hostel on East Coast
If you choose to stay here, do not forget to visit the area where East Coast Road and Joo Chiat Road intersect. This area is one of the most beautiful and authentic places in Singapore with peranakan style shop houses and is famous for its peranakan cuisine, countless eateries and colorful nightlife. The bus number 14 can directly take you from the hostel to the area.   The East Coast are itself is also known as a multicultural food paradise and you can find a belt of eateries nearby, offering the best of local cuisines such as Chinese, Indian, Malay, Peranakan and best of local exotic seafood.

As it is written in travel fish blog, with a backpacker budget, Fernloft City Hostel on East Coast is the best choice for people looking for a hotel/hostel near Singapore Changi Airport.

Here is my friends review of the hostel: Fernloft: A cheap option to stay in Singapore

You can check the room and bed rates in the hostel for some bargain deals here.

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