Thursday, January 31, 2013

LUX* Resorts hosts Underwater Festival on 15-21 April 2013

LUX* Maldives will host the second edition of the internationally recognized  ‘Underwater Festival’, from 15 to 21 April 2013. Activities will include underwater photo and video courses, on-the-beach themed film screenings, film editing coaching sessions, as well as free diving and apnea courses. Courses will be led by experts including BBC film director Neil Lucas, television documentary editor Frank Spencer, free diving world record holder Sara Campbell and members of leading diving company Eurodivers.

LUX* Maldives is an active supporter of marine life conservation. For the last two years the resort been leading an extensive whale shark database program through its Marine Biology Centre and has initiated a successful research program within the South Ari Marine Protected Area (SAMPA).

UK-based photographer and BBC film director Neil Lucas will run daily introductory classes for guests to improve their photography skills and learn new underwater shooting techniques. Neil will be joined by Britain’s foremost underwater cameraman Michael Pitts, helping attendees translate their photography into an underwater reportage.

Top television documentary editor, Frank Spencer, will work closely with attendees from their first cuts, through to the rough cuts, music and sound. Participants will be able to identify the key stories, learn ‘fill and flood’ lighting techniques, shooting disciplines as well as sequence skills through storyboards and creative editing.

LUX* Maldives
Freediving expert and four-time world record holder Sara Campbell will offer insights into breath holding and apnea techniques. Capable of diving unassisted to depths over 100m, Sara will oversee freediving classes, focusing on participants’ inner ‘sleeping dolphin’ through simple breathing techniques, which aid relaxation and mind control.

General Manager of LUX* Maldives Dominik Ruhl said: ‘The Maldives is the perfect place for this underwater festival and we are very proud to welcome such a brilliant panel of experts. With this festival and our Island Light concept, we look forward to offering our guests a different way of celebrating island life. We want to offer participants the opportunity to explore the marine life of our Atoll through a lighter learning experience’ Rethinking the concept of an island holiday experience, LUX* Maldives will contribute photo and video material from the festival to SAMPA’s on-going research programs.

Partnering with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) one the world´s oldest environmental organisations and a leading authority on the environment and sustainable development, LUX* Maldives also supports activities carried out within the South Ari Atoll through its newly appointed Marine Project Officer.

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