Monday, January 21, 2013

Video of lorry collision with motorcycle in Singapore goes viral

In the video towards the 2nd minutes, the lorry is clearly and dangerously tailgating behind the motorist. He then side-swips the motorcyclist while trying to overtake and hit the motorcyclist.

The video appears to be taken from a windshield-mounted camera. It is uploaded to internet and shared many times.Singapore Police told The Straits Times that "they received a call requesting for assistance on the PIE towards Changi Airport, near lamppost 926 at about 1.35pm on Jan 19. They confirmed that an accident involving a lorry and motorcycle had happened at the location."

According to the uploader, the lorry driver was quite remorseless after the accident:

"Being a stranger to both the road bully and injured motorist, I stayed very neutral and look at this road accident as a mishap where nobody wants it. While waiting in the scorning afternoon for the ambulance and traffic police to come, I took an umbrella to shade the injured motorist who is still lying on the road. This road bully took over my umbrella and I thought he wanted to redeem his mistake. Absurd action of this road bully, he took my umbrella to shade himself from the sun! Needless to say, his remorseless action has change my perception of this accident. On site, his statement with the traffic police mention that the motorist has knock into his vehicle. This has really stir up the heat in me to uphold justice and bring the right punishment to this road bully. "

Video clip of collision between lorry and motorcycle goes viral

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