Sunday, January 27, 2013

Prettiest university student of China is Milk Tea Girl (奶茶妹妹) Zhang Zetian (章泽天)

Well do not ask me why someone bothers to list the prettiest university students in a country of 1 billion+. For some reasons, chinese-language website does this to help some young ladies to start a more colorful modelling career instead of heading straight into a boring job. The top spot in the list, known as 校花 (school flowers) in Chinese, now belongs to Internet celebrity Zhang Zetian (章泽天) also known as “Milk Tea Girl” (奶茶妹妹). She earned this interesting and not-so-cool nickname because of a photo of her holding a cup of milk tea. The photo was posted by her admiring classmate to Baidu and quickly made the rounds on the Internet. That was in 2009.

In 2011, innocent looking Zhang Zetian was accepted by Tsinghua University, the top university in China, to study their humanities program. She was so famous at that time that she has briefly caused a sensation again when she, wearing a one-piece skirt in red and purple checks, showed up at the campus of Tsinghua University at 9:30, Aug. 18 to sign up.

Milk Tea Girl (奶茶妹妹) Zhang Zetian (章泽天)
“Milk Tea Girl (奶茶妹妹)” Zhang Zetian (章泽天) became famous when
her friends posted a photo of her holding a cup of milk tea.
“Milk Tea Girl (奶茶妹妹)” Zhang Zetian (章泽天)
In 2011, so called innocent looking Zhang Zetian was accepted by Tsinghua University.
This 2009 photo is the reason Zhang Zetian became famous and nicknamed
“Milk Tea Girl” (奶茶妹妹).

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