Monday, April 22, 2013

Angsana Bintan

Singapore may be a tropical island but thanks to its heavy urbanization it lacks beaches and resorts buried in lush forest settings. For many in the city state, Malaysian and Indonesian islands near Singapore are the way to go to have a relaxed getaways from the urban jungle. Of these islands, Indonesia's Bintan and Batam Islands are the most popular thanks to their proximity to Singapore. Bintan Island of Indonesia for example is just 45 minutes away from Singapore by ferries departing from Singapore's Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.

Bintan Island is mostly known for its family friendly, luxury and expensive resorts housed in the northern coast of the island facing Singapore. This region, known as Bintan Resorts or Lagoi, is separated from the rest of the island by a tick forest and check points and is quite different than the "rest" of Bintan. There are several high-end hotels and resorts here such as The Nirwana Gardens Bintan Resort, Club Med Ria Bintan, Bintan Lagoon Resort and Bintan Lodge.

Nested on the white sands of Tanjong Said Bay, Angsana Bintan is one of the two high-end hotels in Bintan's Lagoi area operated by The Banyan Tree Group. The 4.5-Star luxurious hotel shares the same private beach with its all-villa sister, Banyan Tree Bintan. Angsana Bintan offers 106 rooms and suites, a majority of which offer a balcony view overlooking the South China Sea and offers a great place for a weekend getaway from the busy city life of Singapore.

Where is Bintan Island?
Location of Bintan Island. As you can see from the map, it is quite near Singapore.
Angsana Bintan is on the shaded international resorts region of the
island known as Lagoi. - Source : WikiTravel Bintan Island
Angsana Bintan is a hidden paradise. You will not be able to believe that you were in Singapore just an hour ago and you have arrived to this white sandy beach and clear turquoise ocean with a simple ferry ride. The hotel is directly by the beach and ocean and if you choose to stay in a room viewing the ocean, in a few short hours you will directly get "lost" in the paradise. It is an ideal location for relaxed, lazy and laid back tropical island holiday and best appreciated during one of those long holiday weekends in Singapore.

The facilities are not as luxurious as 5-star hotels but for the location and the holiday experience, the prices are in the reasonable range. The cheapest of the rooms offered, Superior Rooms, are priced from USD 210 per night and comes with 2 beds. Deluxe Queen Bed and Twin Bed rooms are from USD 260 per night. Not bad if you think that you do not need to pay for an airline ticket to arrive to this paradise. The hotel also offers 3 types of suites : One Bedroom Suite (From USD 340 per night),  Two Bedroom Suite (From USD 420 per night) and Angsana Suite (From USD 530 per night).

The hotel regularly offers romance and honeymoon packages.

Angsana Bintan sits on the beautiful white sands of Tanjong Said Bay and stands out with
its wonderful beach.

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