Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Video of young couple performing oral sex in Taiwan MRT stirred online outcry

Video of a young woman apparently performing oral sex to a young man in Kaohsiung MRT (subway) train caused a public outcry in internet. The incident happened on Saturday night in an MRT train full of passengers. A girl has covered her head with a blue jacket and lied her head below towards the thighs of the man while man was apparently reading a book. A tourist from Hong Kong took a video of the indecent act and posted the 1 minute 48 seconds video to her Facebook. The video soon went viral in countries like South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and Malaysia and was watched by more than 2 million people in 6 hours. The Chinese-language Apple Daily newspaper later put the story on its front page and drew public concern over the alleged inappropriate behavior on the public transportation system.

The police later identified the couple: a male college student and a female senior high school student. The high school student admitted performing oral sex on the train. According to the male college student, the decision was made “out of fantasy and on the spur of the moment.”:
The girl, a senior in a Kaohsiung vocational school, told the police in Kaohsiung during questioning that she was simply giving in to the man's demands. She said that she did not know such an act performed in public is against the law. The 18-year-old said she met the man over the Internet and they arranged a date for April 20. 
During their MRT ride, the man asked her to perform oral sex on him, she told police. The male suspect, a university student, also turned himself in to the Kaohsiung police, but claimed that he did not force the woman to do anything against her will.
Source : Couple sent to prosecutors after cover blown on MRT

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