Friday, April 26, 2013

Cheap flights to Europe from Singapore with Qatar Airways latest offers

Finding reasonably and relatively cheap flights to Europe from Singapore is difficult but not impossible. Other than the famous flight booking sites, the web pages of airlines also offer very good offers on the route. One of the airlines, Qatar based Qatar Airways offers very good flight deals from Singapore to many destinations and it is worthwhile to check their Qatar Airways Singapore page and subscribe to their news letters for promotional flights.

If you are planning to fly to Europe from Singapore, Qatar Airways have a promotion which will be valid gor booking from now till 15th May 2013 for the travel period between 20th - 31st May 2013. Below are these attractive deals for flights to Europe from Singapore:

Flights to Barcelona from Singapore all in-fares Economy starting from SGD 1049,

Flights to Copenhagen from Singapore all in-fares Economy starting from SGD 1129,

Flights to Frankfurt from Singapore all in-fares Economy starting from SGD 1065,

Flights to London from Singapore all in-fares Economy starting from SGD 1075,

Flights to Madrid from Singapore all in-fares Economy starting from SGD 1059,

Flights to Milan from Singapore all in-fares Economy starting from SGD 1055,

Flights to Paris from Singapore all in-fares Economy starting from SGD 1049,

Flights to Rome from Singapore all in-fares Economy starting from SGD 1059 and

Flights to Zurich from Singapore all in-fares Economy starting from SGD 999.

promotional flights from Singapore to Europe
World's 5-star airline, Qatar Airways offers attractive deals for flights to Europe from Singapore.
Note that Qatar Airways flies to Doha first and then you change to a flight to one of the destinations at the airport. All-in-fares above are return economy tickets including all taxes, fees and surcharges. They are subject to change due to currency fluctuations.

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