Monday, July 1, 2013

CATS Race Queen Pageant 2013: Are race queens car bimbos?

CATS Classified Car-nival is the biggest one-stop car-mart event in Singapore. The next show will be held on 7 Jul 2013, 10am - 8pm at Singapore Expo Hall 5. For publicity, they are organizing this CATS Race Queen Pageant 2013 where some nice looking girls are competing to be the top race queen of the event. But do they have the knowledge about the cars?

In the video below (Are race queens car bimbos?) these 12 race queen finalists are put through a quiz on cars.

Some how if you do not know what race queen means, it is a Japanese term for a type of promotional model found as part of a pit crew in certain kinds of motor racing, such as F1 races (British call these girls "Pit babe"). Although the term is originally used for the girls on the pit, it is increasingly being used for promotional models in simple car shows.

This years  CATS Race Queen Pageant saw almost 50 applicants. 12 of them made the finals. If somehow if you are interested here is a video about the girls answers a very important question : which part of their body do they consider the hottest?

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