Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kovan Murder

Update: The trial of the police officer accused of the Kovan murders, Iskandar Rahmat, will probably take place after March next year as "large number" of exhibits have been sent for DNA analysis. Iskandar has been assessed to be of sound mind and fit to plead.

Police has arrested a 34-year-old man on Friday at 11.30 pm in connection with the double Kovan murders. The suspect is a police officer, Iskandar bin Rahmat, wıth the police force for 14 years:

The Police have brought into custody Iskandar Bin Rahmat (Singaporean male, 34 years), a police officer attached to Bedok Police Division. He will be charged for the brutal murders of Tan Boon Sin and his son Tan Chee Heong that happened three days ago at Hillside Drive .
The car, a Toyota Camry, which is suspected to be used in July 10 grisly double Kovan murder has been found parked at Eunos Ave 7 in the Eunos Industrial Estate.  The 67-year-old victim in the suspected Kovan murder has been identified as Tan Boon Sin, the owner of a car workshop at the Autobay @ Kaki Bukit centre on Kaki Bukit Ave 6.

About Kovan Murder case

It was a shocking view: a man with his face down was being dragged underneath a silver Toyota Camry. All the cars around honked for the car driver to stop but he or she did not. The body, who's belt appeared to be struck to the car, was dislodged outside Kovan MRT Station. The Toyota Camry then drove away.

What the eye witnesses saw there was only the half of the shocking Kovan murder. Police followed the long blood trail backwards to a terrace house in Hillside Drive and found the body of a 70 years old man. Two men were father and son and the Toyota Camry (licence plate SGM 14J) belonged to the father. The body of the younger man in his 40s was dragged 1 kilometer from the house to the Kovan MRT Station.

At Hillside Drive, one of the neighbours told Yahoo! Singapore that the deceased older man and his wife lived there for 10 years and were a nice couple. The couples son did not live with them.

In the night at around 2 am, the body of Kovan murder victim was removed by police from the house. In the morning at 08:15 am family members and friends of two suspected Kovan murder victims arrived at the mortuary to identify their bodies.

Kovan murder victim found near Kovan MRT Station
One of the Kovan murder victims was dragged 1 km from a terrace house
to Kovan MRT Station by a Toyota Camry.
Police are looking for the driver of a silver Toyota Camry with car licence plate SGM 14J in connection with the two bodies found in Kovan on Wednesday evening. In case you do not know how Toyota Camry looks like here is a photo: Toyota Camry.

Anyone with information on the driver or the case may call 1800-255-0000.

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