Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cheap Business Class and First Class Deals to Singapore

Fly First, a leading luxury travel specialist, has announced cheap business class and first class deals to Singapore with significantly reduced prices. These new air fare deals apply to luxurious first class flights and spacious business class tickets to Singapore, subject to availability. The discounted fares offer savings as high as 45 percent and are valid on flights booked by August 26, 2013, for travel anytime.

The savings are obviously the most for first class tickets to Singapore. First class deals start from $4,580 which translates into $8,000 savings on most publisher first class air fares to Singapore. For example a regular first class fares to New York City and San Francisco range from $12,800 to $13,100.

Business class deals to Singapore are also eye-catching. FlyFirst offers fares as low as $3,480, pending availability. A regular business class flight from New York City to Singapore is $6,980, so the FlyFirst fare saves travelers more than $3,000. Business class travel regularly includes access to well-appointed airport lounges, expedited boarding queues, on-board personal entertainment systems, high-end cuisine and spacious seats designed to accommodate working and resting.

FlyFirst's new, reduced fares are available on a variety of top airlines, including the highly acclaimed Singapore Airlines. Consistently ranked in the top three best airlines in the world, Singapore Airlines offers a variety of upscale amenities. Its new first class cabins showcase extra-wide seats that convert to the largest beds available, a fresh and extensive gourmet menu and the sky's widest personal LCD screens for on-demand entertainment.

FlyFirst offers cheap business class and first class deals to Singapore on airlines like
Singapore Airlines.
"We are thrilled to offer these new discounts on premium travel to Singapore," says Julia Graft, FlyFirst PR manager. "An increasing number of people are traveling to the country for business and pleasure, and these new FlyFirst fares make it affordable for travelers to make the 19-hour flight to Singapore in the luxurious comfort of first and business class."

Opportunities abound for those who travel to Singapore and the Malay Peninsula. One of the original Four Asian Tigers, Singapore boasts the fourth largest financial center in the world, a vibrant shipping industry, more than 7,000 international corporations and the fifth busiest shipping port in the world. As a result, business and corporate travel to the island nation is at an all-time high.

Singapore also attracts millions of pleasure travelers to its city-state each year, enticed by its dynamic casino resorts, plentiful shopping and robust medical tourism industry. "Our new business and first class fares to Singapore are especially appealing to pleasure travelers who might ordinarily travel in more-crowded coach class," Graft says. "The deeply discounted fares open luxury travel to an entirely new group of travelers, even families with children who would benefit from the extra space and services."

For more information about FlyFirst's discounted fares to Singapore and other international destinations, contact FlyFirst by telephone at (888)347-7817 or online at

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