Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Niche Profit Classroom review

I have registered to Niche Profit Classroom (NPC) a couple of months ago after a friend of mine recommended it to me. I am usually in favor of making authority sites like Asia Singapore but exploring other online money making opportunities like niche web site creation was on my to-do list so I gave it a try. Niche Profit Classroom is very easy to try, they offer $1 trial for one month to explore what it offers. There are no obligations and hidden cost with this membership and you can cancel it anytime (although I have not experience cancellation process because I was quite happy with the material and went for full membership). They pay you back your money if you cancel your trial without any questions asked. So if you think it is not for you, you can simply discontinue which makes NPC highly worthwhile to try on your own.

First, let me explain what is NPC? Niche Profit Classroom (NPC) is one of the most popular internet marketing educational sites which is membership-only program and is run by Adam Short. NPC provides detailed video training classrooms on different ways to make money online through internet marketing as well as methods and tools to help the members to make money as fast as possible.

NPC does not deviate from the simple proven formula of making money online through niche online marketing. Steps are same:

  • Select profitable niche topics.
  • Create rich, search engine friendly and informative web sites around these topics.
  • Use Search Engine Optimization  to create organic traffic to this web sites
  • Use affiliate marketing (physical or digital) and/or CPC advertisements to generate income from these sites.

The difference is the "methods" NPC provides to execute each step right. There are many ways to do each of these steps "wrong" and waste a lot of time and money, and there are a "few" steps to execute them right. Although on job training is a valuable experience, you should not try to invent the wheel again but instead go for proven methods. Buying a book on the topic and following it is a way to go. But NPC provides much more.

NPC comes with step-by-step video training on how to create a profitable website from scratch and exclusive software and tools, including the Market Profiler, Niche Profit Press Website Builder, MoneyWord Matrix Keyword Tool, 15-Minute Sales Letter Wizard, and 15-Minute Newsletter Wizard, and the Niche Profit Control Panel.

Step-by-step video training is quite comprehensive and detailed and well suits for a complete newbie as well as moderately experienced people in internet marketing. And the software tools are simply addictive. When you start to use them, you will feel surprised how you have survived before (if you have survived) without them.

Although NPC is more on niche web site creation, the material significantly benefits those who create larger online marketing contents like blogs or authority sites. And what was addictive most about the site is the group of software tools which reduced my manual online search tasks significantly (main reason I have stayed as a member).

Take Keyword Analyzer. You can do what this tool offers completely manually using free services like Google Keywords Tool in combination of search but it will take hours to get some valuable results for each keyword. Keyword Analyzer on the other hand automates almost entire process.

What I liked most about NPC is quantifying each selection process (which topics, which keywords, which domain names, etc ...) in a way that you simply end up with almost like a mathematical formula to qualify and disqualify niche web site ideas. And these formulas are embedded into software suites like keyword Analyzer and Market Profiler so you save a lot of time.

NPC membership looks expensive at a glance. But if you apply what they teach to action, it will be a fraction of what you can earn online so ROI is still very high. What I like about the NPC courses are although in the marketing videos Adam Short sounds a little like one of those get-rick-quick gurus, the material he provides is "no-nonsense" and hard working guy type of stuff. The message is simple: If you execute these steps with a disciplined work, you will make money.

One more thing: Although I have not tried it yet, they are offering several valuable resources like Niche Packs, which are ready-made niche businesses. They also have a pro membership where NPC provides all resources (even writers) you can outsource all your online business creation job.

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