Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fred Hayes Asiana San Francisco plane crash raw video

A raw video of San Francisco plane crash, taken by Fred Hayes, has emerged showing the Asiana Airlines Flight 214 approaching runway 28L low and then crashing the treshold of the runway. You can watch the video below. Fred Hayes video of Asiana Jet Crash At SFO already went viral.

According to flight data recorder (FDR) Asiana Boeing 777's speed was significantly below the target approach speed of 137 knots (253 km/h). The pilot in charge of landing the Boeing 777 was in training for flying that model of jet, and that this was his first flight into San Francisco at the controls of a 777, the Associated Press reported.

The sound of the stick shaker, a mechanical device  to rapidly and noisily vibrate the control stick of the aircraft to warn the pilot of an imminent stall, could be heard approximately 4 seconds prior to impact on the cockpit voice recorder. The FDR also showed that the pilot advanced the throttles a few seconds prior to impact and that the engines responded normally. The pilots of the plane call for a "go-around" 1.5 seconds prior to impact but as you can watch below, it was too late.

The video, captured by Fred Hayes, shows Asiana Airlines aircraft approaching when another plane was on the ground. 20 seconds into the video the Boeing 777 hits the end of the runway and  the fuselage and wings travels through 2000 feet more on the ground, after spinning in the air, in a tick smoke and dust. The video shows thet it is a real miracle that most of the passangers and crew survived the crash without major injury.

Fred Hayes seems to be able to capture the only video of the Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crashing at San Francisco International Airport.

Here is also an animation video of Asiana Airlines crash landing.

2 teenage girls died in the crash 17 years old Wang Lin Jia (王琳佳) and Ye Meng Yuan. On Wang Lin Jia's Weibo home page (a Chinese version of Twittermourners have left thousands of messages.

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