Friday, October 18, 2013

60-year-old Freddie Aguilar dates16-year-old girlfriend

One of the most talked about person in Philippines is music icon Freddie Aguilar. 60 years old has admitted he is dating a 16 years old teenager according to a report by Ervin Santiago, INQUIRER Bandera entertainment editor. Freddie Aguilar was seen with the girl while attending the 5th Star Awards for Music on Sunday at Solaire Resort & Casino in Pasay City:
The news started when he was seen with the girl while attending the 5th Star Awards for Music on Sunday at Solaire Resort & Casino in Pasay City, wherein he was given a special recognition for his contribution to local and international music. 
He admitted to the media present that indeed, the girl is his girlfriend. Aguilar had a disclaimer that he didn’t know the age of the girl when he courted her. It was too late because he already fell in love with her when he learned of her actual age. He requested the media not to mention the name of the girl. 
But Aguilar said there’s nothing to worry about since the parents of the girl have approved of the relationship, only with a warning that she should be careful because Aguilar is known to be a ladies’ man.
Source : Freddie Aguilar courts controversy with 16-year-old girlfriend
The news, especially his plans to marry the girl, was greeting by mostly negative comments. Some said Freddie Aguilar's most famous song, Anak, can be dedicated to the girl. Anak means child or more accurately my son or my daughter in Tagalog.

Meanwhile photos of Freddie Aguilar and his girlfriend showing the couple kissing found their ways to internet:

Freddie Aguilar kissing16-year-old girlfriend
Freddie Aguilar kissing16-year-old girlfriend
Amid the social media frenzy over Freddie Aguilar’s admission that he is deeply in love with his 16-year-old girlfriend, photos of the legendary folk singer and a young woman who may or may not be the unidentified girlfriend (see above) surfaced online on Thursday.
 Two of the photos show the 60-year-old singer and the young lady kissing. The third has them looking directly at the camera.
Source : Photos of Freddie Aguilar and young lady who may be 16-year-old girlfriend surface online

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