Saturday, October 26, 2013

Malaysia bans Ke$ha concert

Malaysia bans Ke$ha concert after deciding it would hurt cultural and religious sensitivities. American singer-songwriter and rapper Kesha Rose Sebert known by her stage name Kesha was scheduled to give a concert in Kuala Lumpur Stadium Negara today as a part of her Ke$ha's Warrior Tour

Concert organiser Livescape said it received a letter about the decision. Livescape Asia, in a statement Friday, claimed that the decision from Puspal, which issues performance permits came at the eleventh hour, despite the agency producing documents to assure authorities that its guidelines were adhered to.

Why Malaysia banned Kesha concert is not elaborated:
The Ministry of Communications and Multimedia said separately that it was rejecting the application for Ke$ha to perform for reasons of religion and culture. The ministry's statement did not elaborate. Ke$ha, whose hits include "Tik Tok" and "Die Young," has songs that make explicit references to sex and liquor. 
Last month, Malaysian officials also barred a performance by American metal band Lamb of God, accusing the Grammy-nominated group's work of being blasphemous. Ke$ha and her team had previously agreed to modify their planned show in Malaysia, including making changes to her song lyrics and wardrobe, to comply with the government's general guidelines for performers, Livescape said in its statement.
Source : Malaysia bans Ke$ha concert over culture clash
 Kesha, who is openly bisexual and is a strong advocate for LGBT rights,is most famous for hit songs like Tik Tok, Your Love is My Drug and We R Who We R, which usually centres around themes involving alcohol, partying and romance.

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