Saturday, October 12, 2013

Best hotel deals Singapore

Since hotel rates in Singapore are expensive it is important to find good Singapore hotel deals. But where to find? Here we have listed some most popular places to find cheap hotel deals and last minute discounts in Singapore.

Of course you can always search for "hotel deals Singapore" keywords in Google and look at each and every result one by one to find a good deal but if wasting your time there are much better ways to find hotels in Singapore.
Of course the first place you should look is an online reservation site like We are offering not because we are also affiliated with them. has strong presence in Asia especially in South East Asia and offers unbeatable Singapore hotel deals. This is the reason we affiliate with them. They negotiate quite good prices for the hotels in Singapore and is the first place to look for hotel deals Singapore.
A better approach to look for Singapore hotel deals is to use a hotel meta-search engine instead of individual reservation sites. These engines aggregates hotel deals from multiple online reservation sites plus sometimes from hotels' web sites so instead of wasting time to look at results one by one you can go to a meta search site like aggregates results from popular hotel sites like,, and let's you compare the prices. When you click on any price you are directed to that site. So is not a place to book a hotel room but to easily compare the hotel prices.

We like because it is quite simple to use and extremely time saving. searches hotel deals from multiple reservation sites and let's you
see them together to choose the best deal.
Group buying sites
If you live in a neighbouring country, your local group buying sites' travel deal pages will probably have a few nice Singapore travel packages combined of hotel plus plane ticket. 

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