Friday, October 11, 2013

K-pop singer Rottyful Sky has passed away at 25

One of K-Pop's most belowed singers Rottyful Sky has passed away on October 8 due to complications of brain tumor. She was just 25 years old. According to Korean Updates web site Rottyful Sky whose real name is Kim Hanul, had been hospitalized since mid-September in an unconscious state and was diagnosed with brain tumor for about a year. She stayed unconscious for 20 days before being admitted into the intensive care unit where she has stayed 8 days.

The funeral ceremony was held on October 10, 9.00 A.M. in St. Mary hospital. The funeral was held based on Christian religion. Some celebrities came to the funeral, such as Kahi, Han Hye Jin, and others. Other celebrities also expressed their condolences on social media, such as Big Bang’s Taeyang and his brother, Dong Hyun Bae. The burial was held at Paju Christian Memorial Park on October 10 as well.
Source : Rottyful Sky Passed Away at 25

Rottyful Sky made her debut in 2001 as Hanul at just 13 years old with the album Voice of Purity. A young girl with a powerful voice, Hanul paved the way for today's soulful youngsters Lee Hi and 15&, among others.

K-Pop stars from Rain to Big Bang's Taeyang to Rainbow member Yoonhye and many more have expressed their condolences and paid their respects to the late singer, proving that her influence was not only far reaching, but will also be greatly missed.

Rottyful Sky - Kim Hanul
Kim Hanul has debuted in 2001 at the age of 13.

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