Sunday, November 10, 2013

17 years old Nini Ou-yang (歐陽妮妮) in Taiwan

17 years old Taiwanese actress Nini Ou-yang (歐陽妮妮) is a trending name in Taiwan. She is considered a budding celebrity because her parents were both famous actors. But she is creating a fame for herself by her talent and cuteness. In October 2013, she performed an incredible gymnastic first pitch.

She was originally scheduled to showcase the move, which she has designed herself, in September but the show was postponed because of the typhoon.

She has caught attention with her face, the figure, the moves and her shining smile (The move was definitely good but nothing close to hot Korean gymnast Shin Soo-ji's incredible acrobatic first pitch back in July 2013 or Korean taekwondoist actress Taemi K Kim's incredible acrobatic first pitch back in August 2013).

But then weirdly, she has became more popular when she has posted about 200 Yuan's she has found in her pocket in late October. Weird because Taiwanes media, as if they have nothing more important thing to do, made this news.

ou can watch her gymnastic first pitch as well as the news about the money in the pocket in the below videos.

Nini Ou-yang (歐陽妮妮) gymnastic first pitch

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