Monday, November 11, 2013

Nissan Skyline hybrid will be released in Japan

Nissan announced in Japan that it will release a new hybrid version of Nissan Skyline (スカイライン). This is the first design change for the coveted sports sedan since 2006. According to Rocket News, the Skyline HV system will feature a 3,500 cc engine and electric motor, providing the hybrid with a considerable amount of pep. It’s also fuel efficient with a fuel economy of 18.4 km/liter (43 miles/gallon).

The all new Nissan Skyline V37 will be debuted as Infiniti Q50. The new Infiniti Skyline will be priced at 4.49 million to 5.53 million yen (US$45,200 – $55,700). The launch of the new model will be end of February 2014.

The new Skyline model will come with a technology called "drive-by-wire" which is the application of "fly-by-wire" technology used in modern aircraft. With this technology basically the inputs from driver will go to the computer which will control the actual gear (so basically you drive the computer and computer drives the car).

Nissan also used first time the amblem of Infinity line (see below).

Nissan Infinity

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